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December 5, 2011

Recycled Christmas tags

Don't you always feel just a bit sad for used Christmas cards?  They start out in all their glory, wrapped so neatly; are selected with so much thought; addressed with such care; and journey hundreds of miles to send good wishes from family and friends.

Then, well, sooner or later they just land in the trash can or recycle bin.  Unwanted, they become just a pile of clutter to clear out in the frenzy of January post-holiday tear-down and cleaning. 

Well, no more!  I'm on a one-woman campaign to give those card castoffs a second life.  For the third year now, I've turned old cards into tags (although many recipients confess that they become bookmarks or even get hung on the tree, where they can bask in the glow of the lights.)  They get a second chance to make the journey to spread good cheer.

And you know what the most fun part is?  Besides, of course doing my bit to recycle and be eco-friendly -- and yes, it is indeed a good way to use up scrap embellishments and ribbon.  But beyond that, the most fun part is when I get my envelopes ready and try to pick "just the right tag" to match the recipient's personality.  Sometimes it really is hard to decide.  So instead of banishing your old cards to the recycle bin, give it a try -- or better yet, I love receiving your castoff cards!


  1. What a wonderful idea! The tags look beautiful :)

  2. Love these. Each year I add your tag to our tree. I've got two so far :-) I love that peeking santa face up in the left hand corner.

  3. I'm lucky enough to have three of your tags. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with each year. :)