Welcome to my blog. Over the years that I have been stamping and paper crafting, I have so often been inspired by the ideas on other sites and blogs. I hope I can pay that back in some measure with my own. (In between laughs -- or cackles as my son calls it!)

January 22, 2012

Kanji Success Card

Here is my third post for the Crafter's Companion design team.  I need to confess that I am almost embarrassed to post this. Not because I don't love how this card turned out -- I really do! But because of what you'll think of me. You see, my son calls me the "cacklin' crafter" because of the way the ladies laugh and giggle in my craft room. But I'm afraid that you might soon be calling me the "frugal crafter". You see, my first post used a recycled road map. My second post used a recycled bag from a store. And this post uses - well, it uses recycled gift wrap for the background.

But oh, what gorgeous and lush gift wrap it was, and I just couldn't resist. It seemed tailor-made for this Kanji image from Crafter's Companion. This card is just simple layers, with a black mat behind the gorgeous red and gold wrapping paper (blushes again). The bold focal image, Kanji 'Success' is offset by black and gold and cut with die cuts. Would it be wrong to tell you that the gold layer was the lining from a fancy Christmas card envelope that I received? Oh my, you'll never look at envelope linings in the same way again. That's all there is to the basic card!

Sometimes you just have to let the richness of the materials and the strong image carry the design.

I then embellished with a key in the lower right (the key to success, get it?). I added black floss and three tassels along the card's spine.

I really like it - simple but rich, and perfect for a high school or college graduate, or even a job promotion.

Hope you enjoyed the card, and are inspired to check your wrapping paper stash!


  1. Stunning in its' simplicity. It's what I think of as a Marge card. Love it.

  2. I would have never guessed what you used to make this fabulous card! Great job.