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October 1, 2014

Drawing class at COD

In late August, I started a "Drawing I" class at College of DuPage.  While I've always been artsy-craftsy, and as you know I adore rubber stamping, I really wanted some formal training to develop my drawing skills.

The instructor has led us through several weeks of skill build-up.  She started with line/contour, then we moved on the proportion, then to value/form.  Lately we focused on positive and negative shapes and we just started a landscape unit.

I'd like to share a few pencil sketches out of my homework sketchbook that I was quite happy with.  

The first two are of leaves that I picked up on walks around the neighborhood. I like these so much that I'm seriously considering doing a set of notecards with them.

The third one is a fall frosted glass candleholder.  I picked it up at a garage sale for a $1.  Actually I bought a pair.  I worked hard to make the frosted glass look.

The last one is my favorite.  It's a close-up of my scarecrow in my front courtyard.  I was really happy with how he turned out.



  1. These are beautiful! Could you draw at all before you took the class? I admire people who can draw.

    1. Thanks so much, you made my day! I always had some artistic ability, but had not drawn in any serious fashion (really, at all) since 1975 when I took a Drawing 1 class at Penn State as an elective. So 35 years later, I am giving it another go. I will say the class is teaching me things and I have really improved. The hardest part about the pencil drawings is that after holding that pencil a few hours, my hands hurt (arthritis??) and I need to take some Aleve and give the drawing pencils a rest. Ah, getting older....

  2. I knew you were an artist before you did Marge! Absolutely beautiful pieces!!
    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!