Welcome to my blog. Over the years that I have been stamping and paper crafting, I have so often been inspired by the ideas on other sites and blogs. I hope I can pay that back in some measure with my own. (In between laughs -- or cackles as my son calls it!)

December 13, 2014

My Art Final for Drawing 1 Class

Our art final for my Drawing 1 class at COD was to do a series of at least 5 drawings, related to a common theme, and then convert it to a GIF file.

I chose the theme of Nature.  I used Faber Castell Pitt markers on Fabriano cold press 90# drawing paper.  All of the plants that I chose to draw are special in some way, either as a remembrance for a special person or they are special to me.  For example, the daffodils are in remembrance of my brother Rob, whose birthday was in March.  And the forsythia branches are for Mom, she loved her forsythia in front of the living room bay windows in Clarion.  Here is the GIF:

Out of this series of 8, my favorites were the sunflower and the pine bough.  All that zentangling earlier this year sure paid off for these drawings.  I don't know what grade I got yet; they'll be critiqued next Wednesday.  I was quite happy with them!



  1. These would be my favorites, too. They are all beautiful!

  2. Ditto. I think those are gorgeous and they just jump at you. Very good job on these.