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June 24, 2012

Snowy Thatched Cottages

I love it when we get "Anything Goes" weeks on the Crafter's Companion design team.  I decided to go to one of my favorite stamp lines, Art-Kure's Timeless Britain collection.  The image I picked was Buckland in the Moor. These were launched this past winter, but they are much too beautiful not to showcase with you again.

I decided to do an altered box.  (I hope you aren't tired of seeing my boxes, but yes, I really do have that many old jewelry and other cardboard boxes saved for just the perfect project!)  I started by deciding that my design would be black and ivory, a timeless and classic color combination to match the lovely Timeless Britain collection.  Oh, and that meant I didn't need to color the main image.  Are you ever intimidated by very detailed stamps?  Well, I'll admit that I am.  So instead of coloring, I built the black and ivory into the design and made it a glittery and snowy winter scene.

First, I started by choosing three coordinating designer papers.  I 'wrapped' the bottom of the box in the paisley, and the sides of the top in the stripes. Neatness counts for these steps, ladies, and liquid glue gives you extra fiddle time to position things straight. I took the third paper design, a toile, and layered it onto a black rectangular mat and glued that to the top of the lid.

I stamped the image into ivory and used my oval diecuts.  I liberally used ultra-fine glitter for the snowy accents.This was layered onto a scalloped black mat, and then onto the toile box lid. This also hides any raw edges from the striped paper.  Here's a close-up of the top of the box.

The next step was to wrap some wide ivory grosgrain ribbon around the box top sides.  The final touch was to glue some punched leaves and silk roses. 

Can I say I love it?  It is going to live on my desk and hold desk supplies.  Till next week!

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  1. Very elegant! I'm sure you'll enjoy having it on your desk!