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April 17, 2015

Catching up -- Art Midterm

This is just to catch up on posting my art midterm from my Drawing 1 class last semester.  I had posted the Final project in December, but I guess I never uploaded the Midterm.

The midterm was a pencil drawing, it took me over 20 hours to do.  By the end I had to wear a wrist brace for 3 weeks as all the tight gripping of the pencil aggravated my carpal tunnel.  But it was well received and it was chosen for display in the student hallways.

It is large (18x24").  Criteria were that we had to incorporate the following:  use of perspective, image(s) from our trip to the Garfield Park Conservatory, creative use of masking tape and vellum for texture.

The perspective are the two sets of sliding glass doors that are drawn from my LR/DR.  I threw in Mom's silver teapot from Germany and many of the cool plants from the conservatory.  The vellum is used on the curtains, and the masking tape is used on the stepping stones on the lower right, and the ledge outside the doors.

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