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April 17, 2015

My "Zine"

This week in my 2D Design Foundations art class at COD, our assignment was to make a "zine".  I didn't even know what a zine was, LOL!  Well it seems it is a little insta-book on one sheet of paper, folded and photocopied.  Some artists trade and collect zines because they are very economical to produce and easy to mail.  They are almost always done in black and white.

To me, this sounded a whole lot like a mini scrapbook, just in a cheaper, photocopied format.  So all my years of crafting have not gone to waste :-) .  Actually, I have found that to be true on almost all assignments -- all the stamping, cardmaking, scrapbooking, and general crafting has given me some very applicable skills.  Not the least of which is, 'neatness counts'.

The content of the zine could be anything that we wanted, but we were told to be sure to consider visual texture.  Because the instructor was emphasizing visual texture, I chose textiles/fabrics as my subject.

Here is my zine, laid out on 8.5x11" paper, ready for photocopying and then folding.

And now, the pages in sequence:

The hardest part about this assignment was hauling tote bags of quilts, scarves, and all the rest to the library and trying to fit it on the copy machines.  I made several trips because I found I needed to adjust scale and shrink the copy sizes down.  I like my zine!

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  1. Wow Marge! What a beautiful piece of art that captures special memories and thoughts.
    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!