Welcome to my blog. Over the years that I have been stamping and paper crafting, I have so often been inspired by the ideas on other sites and blogs. I hope I can pay that back in some measure with my own. (In between laughs -- or cackles as my son calls it!)

August 10, 2014

Volunteering at PRC Art Class

About a month ago, I started volunteering at the local People's Resource Center art class.  The PRC gives assistance of many kinds (food, clothing, job hunting help, computer training) to the families that it serves in our county.

For the art class, I'm assisting the teacher, Cheryl, and helping to come up with project ideas and generally helping the ladies in the class.  Well, for the past couple weeks we have been building on the zentangling and bringing that to the class, to try their hands at it, and use their zentangled creations on cards.

Here are some of the samples that I made for the class.


The card with the turtle is actually going to be a birthday card for my friend Jenny in our walking group.  She collects turtles so this one is especially for her.


  1. I love the vase with the flowers. Great job.

  2. Hey Marge, your tangle designs are awesome! I missed you! Thanks for the lesson today!
    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!